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Gareth Pugh's moving fashion

Following his recent Dazed and Confused cover, shot by Nick Knight, Brit Wunderkind Gareth Pugh met up with the aforementioned Mr Knight to survey the latest edit of the video short filmed during the progress of the 'Dark Magic' shoot documented on SHOWstudio earlier this year. Currently being painstakingly edited with the assistance of Ruth Hogben, and featuring a soundtrack provided by Pugh's close musical collaborator Matthew Stone (both of whom are shown alongside Gareth in the above snaps), the film will be posted on SHOWstudio alongside digital versions of the editorial stills from August's Dazed and Confused. Stay tuned for the fruits of Pugh's dark magic later this year...

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  1. la
    18:51 25 Oct 2008
    Great picture on the wall!