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'Get It' by Peaches

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The only thing we could expect with Peaches' take on Political Fashion was the unexpected. Her contribution takes the idea of the big-hair pap-happy 'glamour girl,' pushes this stereotype to the extreme, only to break it down.


  1. la
    00:17 7 May 2008
  2. GalileosUniverse
    06:50 7 May 2008
    wonderful! .... wonderful! .. finally a real nice generous guy prepared to give some of his portion ! ...' humans '... oh la la !
  3. delarosa
    11:38 7 May 2008
    Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Lass Dein Haar herunter!
  4. Sandrine
    13:55 7 May 2008
    Isn't she wonderful? What a face. Does anyone know who the hula-hooping women were performing on the Fatherfucker tour?
  5. saint
    00:28 8 May 2008
    These films are really stimulating in their diversity. Such rich original content . I guess somebody has to keep Youtube stocked with new stuff!