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Giles Deacon Design Download submissions are streaming in!

Make sure to visit the submissions gallery to view the two latest additions to the Giles Deacon Design Download initiative. The project focuses on demystifying the fashion process by sharing designer patterns with the public via downloads. Giles Deacon has offered his stunning The Troubadour party dress for translation by any aspiring designer or keen seamstress. 

Rebecca Garwood's contrasting polka-dot look offers a classic interpretation of the party frock while Nichola Hanson's printed silver version presents a futuristic take on the body-hugging sculptural minidress.    

Giles Deacon and Nick Knight will judge the final entries and the winner will feature in an exclusive SHOWstudio fashion film. The competition closes on 15 March 2013, so get cracking!

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  1. Grace
    06:21 2 Sep 2013
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