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Giorgio Armani retrospective at the Triennale di Milano

As I'm not in Milan this season, fantastic Susie Rushton agreed to give us a preview of the Armani retrospective last night. She reports: "How does he do it? On the same day as his signature show in Milan, at the monolithic Triennale space in the centre of Milan, Giorgio Armani hosted a Campari-and-champagne fuelled preview of his restrospective exhibition, a Robert-Wilson designed installation which traces his label's thirty-year history. Arranged thematically, the dramatically-lit show explores Armani's groundbreaking androgynous tailoring, his early oriental-inspired work and his present-day dominance of the red carpet (projected clips of a near-naked Richard Gere in American Gigolo being a slight distraction at this point in the show). The steps leading up to the entrance is dominated by a beautiful Peter Lindbergh image; it was up to this vantage point I went in search of a clear view of Armani's special guest Tina Turner. Sadly couldn't locate TT or her legendary legs in the throng." Pictured here are Giorgio and the Armani niece Roberta instead.