by Penny Martin .

Giorgio's Independent: Black and White and RED all over

Today is officially Armani day: Giorgio Armani is showing his Emporio collection for the first time ever in London tonight as a sign of his commitment to Bono's RED, UN-affiliated global fund to fight AIDS in Africa. And to mark the occasion, the Italian designer has also authored the second ever guest edited issue of The Independent newspaper, for which he asked Nick to shoot the front cover. Reprising his notorious 'blackened skin' technique (first used in campaigns Martine Sitbon in 1988), Nick collaborated on this free poster image with Kate -not previously known for her charity comittments- a couple of weeks ago. The question is, though, will she be at the much-talked-about extravaganza tonight?!

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  1. al.wproduct
    10:55 22 Sep 2006
    so chocolatey.., destination luv yeah, yeah.