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Girl on Film

In the midst of Paris Fashion Week, we are naturally more-than-preoccupied with la mode, so what better time to premier this short film created by Nick Knight for SHOWstudio. On the request of Natalia V herself, Nick Knight shot a double-page spread for her guest-edited edition of Russian Vogue. But of course he didn’t stop there, creating a short movie during the process. Nick’s film - featuring Natalia in rather fetching John Galliano point d’esprit underthings courtesy of Jonathan Kaye – is now available to all!


  1. marko
    14:02 27 Feb 2008
    I detect the influence of the Russian constructivist Najenko Basilovsky, in the linear almost post-modular appropriation of a screened vignette, that has accentuated and at times negated the gaze. It begs the question, ‘is it art?’. L'art doit chercher son langage dans le langage et contre le langage. How true.
  2. BenjaminSeroussi
    05:51 28 Feb 2008
    Very Nice, perfect idea. It reminds me of the Blumenfeld movies shown on showstudio with the striped glass but translated to shadows. Great Film.
    EXPERIMENTS IN ADVERTISING: The Films of Erwin Blumenfeld
  3. PennyMartin
    13:52 28 Feb 2008
    Haven't you got a fashion film event of your own on this week, Benjamin?