by Penny Martin .

Good Lord, it's Guts Dynamite Cabarets!

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The Guts boys put on quite a show, perhaps not The Greatest one On Earth, as the soundtrack suggested, but have you ever seen models behaving like these?! If I'm honest, it's quite often that I come out of a show complaining that the models looked like men in drag (you'll have to guess which!). But in this one, they employed real trannies, to the apparent rapture of the audience: my interpreter assures me they're quite commonplace here, however. I should say the men prancing around here are models (though there is some chatter of them being a boy band - really?). Oh, yeah, nearly forgot the clothes -bondage trousers, jean jackets and trenches and underwear printed in this natty GDC design. But then again, so did they!

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    06:33 14 Mar 2007
    >.....hahahaha.... !!! not bad ....I like it for the fact that it's very 'rebellious'......when you realise how conservative Japanese society is/ can be as far as body language and about braking the strict mould of what is and not done... a revolution in the making.....?