by Nick Knight .

Goodbye Penny

Today, after seven amazing years, Penny leaves us to become Professor of Fashion Imagery at the London College of Fashion. To say that she will be missed by every member of SHOWstudio is a very large understatement.

I was more or less half-way through the maelstrom of coloured chaos that was a five-day Dior couture shoot when I first met Penny. Juxtaposed with chainsaws, snakes, smashed pianos, magenta paint and crystal-encrusted car-sized satin dresses, Penny could not have been more of a contrast. A calm, almost serene Hitchcockian beauty only just managed to conceal the excitement and joy at being surrounded by such fashion insanity. For 30 minutes we sat and talked excitedly about SHOWstudio and the emerging possibilities of fashion film, fashion performance, live broadcasts, our loves and hates of photography and the sheer thrill of a new medium opening up before us. By the end of the interview I felt much more enthusiastic about my own work and I had a better understanding of it. I realise now that that is Penny's effect on people. When you work with Penny, whether it is a 6 hour non-stop live interview with Dame Vivienne Westwood or a quick soundbite backstage to a Vogue journalist, everybody comes away from the meeting feeling better about themselves.

Penny brings the rarest and most needed commodities to the world of fashion: intelligence and culture. It is these rare and precious qualities that she has built forever into the foundations of SHOWstudio - a gift which makes me one of the happiest men alive.

Thank you Penny.


  1. dromedary
    16:48 19 Sep 2008
    Penny's the best!!!!!
  2. la
    17:18 19 Sep 2008
    The students at London College of Fashion don't know how lucky they are!
  3. zeroh
    17:20 19 Sep 2008
    Thems sure is big shoes to fill....
    Your wise words and beautiful prose will be sorely missed.
    The best of luck Penny.
  4. Landon
    17:57 19 Sep 2008
    All good things come to an end.
    You'll be missed! All the best.
  5. GalileosUniverse
    18:40 19 Sep 2008
    QUOTE : " Penny brings the rarest and most needed commodities to the world of fashion: intelligence and culture. " ...indeed !
    And what an exquisite portrait ! ... " A calm, almost serene Hitchcockian beauty " totally accurate !
    All the very best and thank you for sharing your very stimulating erudition, the London College of Fashion is very lucky to have the privilege to have such a brilliant mind.
  6. KaWai
    19:03 19 Sep 2008
    Penny, you have been great, your energy could be felt even in cyberspace! Good luck.
  7. ChrisSummerfield
    10:08 20 Sep 2008
    To a certain extent the name show studio was Penny Martin. She has and is an inspiration to a lot of people I wish her a great future ahead in her new roll.
    A new direction for show studio and things in life must constantly evolve in order to progress. On behalf of all of us out here I wish you all the best for the future and many thanks for the inspiration and outlets for our thoughts and creativity
  8. BillySoh
    07:03 21 Sep 2008
    Good luck, Penny. Cheers to your better future, after all, nothing comes to an end, it just starts elsewhere.
  9. BenjaminSeroussi
    08:17 23 Sep 2008
    Wish you luck Penny, all the best Benjamin.
  10. AKing
    15:13 25 Sep 2008
    Wishing you all the very best at your new post those are some very lucky students.