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Google Play - Android Developments
SHOWstudio Tech Update

Android is now the best selling operating system for mobile phones and there have been some interesting developments with android applications this week. Google have released Google Play which is a new digital content platform where users can download apps, songs, books and films. In many ways it delivers a similar service to the iTunes store, which caters for iOS users. The new release from Google also includes a cloud service, which similarly to Apple's iCloud allows users to store data remotely and access it on any of their devices. Google play is an online service so users won't need to download software to enjoy the benefits as well as avoiding wires and syncing. It will be interesting to see how popular Google Play becomes considering the size of the android market and the easy to use interface.

It is due to the popularity and huge sales of Android devices that iOS developers often produce two versions of the same application for both platforms. Fortunately a SHOWstudio favourite is also soon to become available. Instagram have announced that the app will soon be available on Android, which means the 27millions users will soon be joined by many more. Remember you can follow Nick with the user name @showstudio_nick_knight.

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