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Gratefully received!

Agnes Stamp loving her new YSL laptop case

If you had any concerns that the YSL prize would ever find its winner, fear not: Agnes Stamp has identified herself (who works at GQ magazine, no less) and as you can see in this image of its receipt, the case is now in with its rightful owner!


  1. bamia
    14:40 15 Nov 2007
    what is this?!!! as if the conde nasties didn't get enough freebies already!
  2. Miranda
    13:34 10 Apr 2013
    Activation Issues Resolved30 hours later my Solavei line was still dead and I waited 2.5 hours on the phone for tech suprpot at the height of their promotion. They sounded weary but gracious, and expressed genuine appreciation for my patience. They recommended removing and reinstalling the SIM card and battery, which I did. But since I have no cell coverage at my house I had no way to test Solavei’s service while I was on-line. After getting off the phone I drove to cell phone range, but my Solavei line was still dead. The next day, however, I tried putting the Solavei SIM card in my old Nokia E63 and it immediately became active. I put the SIM card back in my new ZTE Origin and it remained active.Later the same day I went on line at our home to activate my wife’s new Solavei SIM card (with port of her old number) for use in her old Nokia E63. Her phone was live by the time I left our house to test it half an hour later. The other three phones/SIM cards I have activated with a new number have all gone live on Solavei immediately. So my experience with delayed activation on porting a number seems to be unusual.I don’t recall, but I may have turned on my Solavei phone BEFORE activating the SIM card, and this may have contributed to my issues. From my experience, I recommend activating the Solavei SIM before putting it in a phone. And if you get stuck with an activated Solavei SIM card which doesn’t connect to the network, try moving your Solavei SIM card to another GSM compatible phone.Wireless Hotspot Test on ZTE OriginI turned on the Wireless Hotspot option—enabled by the free Android app, FoxFi, which my daughter had installed for me—and was able to connect wirelessly with my computer to download email through my phone's internet connection! (I didn't have time to check browsing speed, and with limited time since then I have had difficulty re-enabling the hotspot).