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Greg Kadel's new Punk film!

We are very pleased to bring you the next punk film with in our series from acclaimed photographer and filmmaker, Greg Kadel! Titled Sex Dress, the film inspiration from iconic model Natasa Vojnovic, who stars in the film wearing a dress created by stylist Bill Mullen, available exclusively in our SHOWstudio Shop. This short film brings the garment to new punk heights through Kadel's consideration for colour and composition, with the perfect juxtaposition of soft lighting versus harsh, quick cuts. From the close ups on Vojnovic smoking a cigarette to tight crops of safety pins penetrating her fishnet hold-ups, the footage echoes home video tapes - a seductive piece indeed! Speaking on the film Kadel explains, 'Natasa is as punk as it gets for me.  She was the inspiration for our film.  And Bill Mullen was the perfect person to create a punk design that embodies her spirit.'

Join us in 2014 for more filmic explorations of punk and enjoy Kadel's piece and past contributions over the festive period!