by Alexander Fury .

Guest Bloggers: Val Garland and Susanna Lau!

This season, alongside Collections coverage and BLOG reportage from Indigo Clarke, Hywel Davies, Olivia Marks and my good self, we have a pair of fashion week heavies blogging their guts out: esteemed make-up artist Val Garland, and Susanna Lau - a.k.a. Susie Bubble - of Style Bubble. Susie's coverage for us kicks off with a jam-packed London Fashion Week, while Val has already begun sending updates live from New York Fashion Week, although the action has only just begun!

Stay tuned for more from all of us as the week(s) progress!


  1. la
    13:59 11 Sep 2010
    How amazing , what a line up!
    I love Ms Garlands work and I have been waiting to see her on SHOWstudio.
    How about one of the Infashion interviews?
    Really look forward to reading these.
  2. s.h.e
    15:07 11 Sep 2010
    I cannot wait to see Val's 200 portrait film...An inspiration!!