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Guest list revealed!

Work In Progress Shot for Agent Provocateur campaign by Nick Knight

To our news of the forthcoming, six-part Agent Provocateur film series launching this Friday, we can now share details of the stellar cast. From Friday night, the demure Kate Moss will star as the virgin bride and on Sunday, the holy Jake and Dinos Chapman will be introduced into the pivotal roles of the vicars performing the service. Log on at 18:00 UK time on Friday (and at the same time on every subsequent night until the Wednesday finalé) to see Nick Knight's interpretation of Joe Corré's script in stills and film.


  1. Landon
    17:37 30 Apr 2008
    Kate Moss. AP. Chapman Bros. All you need is My Bloody Valentine doing the soundtrack and you have the greatest thing ever created.
  2. BabyAnne
    19:06 30 Apr 2008
    Really looking forward to this!!!
    I hope I don't miss any, will the films be available to view together at a later stage or is it one time only viewing?
  3. ruthhogben
    21:50 30 Apr 2008
    i'm soo excited for these films to be launched. cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. AndreaG
    10:08 1 May 2008
    me too me too me too!!!
  5. saint
    21:47 1 May 2008
    two of the worlds best artists in a film about pants I can't wait to see either!!!!!!!