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SHOWstudio's Tumblr curator for February
Guillermo Ramil López

'I am fascinated by the nature of human beings and that's basically my main inspiration. It's like a celebration of our humanity, its features, its flaws and its diversity. I believe that art and medicine help each other to understand humans from two different points of view: the spiritual side and the physical side.'

Guillermo Ramil López lives in Galicia, northwest Spain, and studies medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela. As the latest Tumblr guest curator, Ramil López will express his interests in both art and medicine, two industries that have consistently locked horns throughout history. The 18-year-old student's artistic selections will provide an insightful marriage of both disciplines, focusing on the balance between the physical and the emotional, the real and the imaginary, and the beautiful and the ugly.

The imagery will include solitary naked figures, pale skinned beauties, anatomical details, drawings and ephemeral moments of pleasure and pain, drawing on the works on his personal blog 'Escolma', which is translated from the Galician word for 'selection'. He notes, 'I feel like that's pretty much what my work is all about, collecting different images, texts, music and choosing the ones that I like the most, creating my own collection of ideas.' Be sure to check in on Ramil Lopez's selections on our Tumblr page from this Friday, 1 February 2013.