by Penny Martin .

Has Left The Building

No doubt you will have seen Eisuke Negishi and Paul H's fantastic photographs of all 180+ lots in the Auction section of the BRING & BUY project by now. What you won't be aware of is the neo-Fordist production line we had to put in place to get the clothes photographed, described, condition-checked, measured and packed over the past fortnight (honestly! It was like working in a museum again).

Last Tuesday night, we enlisted the help of our contributor Jane Audas, who famously has a lucrative sideline in eBay sales (£180 for a £2.50 teapot last week, apparently) to work on our descriptions and create the 50 character titles that will grace our entries on Oxfam's site, where the actual auction will take place from Sunday night.

We had a 'beat the clock' situation this morning when Viking stationery supplies let us down and there were no boxes at 8.30am. SuperIntern Laura Bradley and Eisuke triumphed nonetheless and all your donations were safely packed by 11 when the lovely Victor from Oxfam showed up with his van (and a good look!) to ship them up to Oxford for final processing before the Sale of the Century beginneth.