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'Hat Elier 3000' by Nasir Mazhar

Mona von Bismarck remarked of Cristóbal Balenciaga that "the wit is on the head" - a maxim that Nasir Mazhar takes to heart, or rather, has let go to his own head. For Future Tense, we could ask nothing more than for Nasir to push his formidable feats of millinery madness centre stage – and of course we weren’t disappointed. Witness his Papal mitre, papier-mâché chicken-head and padded helmet (crafted from a pair of ripped-apart Reebok trainers) in his punningly titled Hat Elier 3000: part architecture, part haute couture, part club kid, but completely original.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    07:48 26 Aug 2008
    Great concept with plenty of thought to want more ! ... Fantastic 'HATS" ! ... but as with Mona's sense of style .... the rule should, ideally, be 'the right wearer at the right time' ... !