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Highlights gallery updated

We're onto the final hour of the second day of our Mirror Mirror installation at Topshop Oxford Circus, and the erudite and consistently fabulous Nicola Formichetti is once more the man in our mirror, dispensing invaludable fashion advice to the hungry masses. Of course, there's nothing stopping our London fans from motoring over to Topshop and experiencing it for yourself, but if geography holds you captive (or even if you simply prefer to live vicariously through others) our ever-expanding gallery of highlights shows you the good, the bad and the just plain crazy from the last two days.

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  1. someonegreat
    19:39 6 May 2010
    huge Formichetti fan but it's another thing entirely to have him comment on my clobber. Super exciting. Same with everyone else too, really. Fabulous list of people, I just wish I could get there
  2. la
    21:00 6 May 2010
    I will definitely go down and its just 2 minutes away from where I work.