by Penny Martin .

Hitting the wall

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There are times when I curse this picture phone for preventing me from actually experiencing the thing I'm struggling to document. There are other times -like now- that I bless it for recording something nobody would ever believe were there not pictorial evidence. Imagine the call:
"What were you doing this week, Penny?"
"Well, Mum. I stood in a studio videoing a microphone whilst Antony from Antony and the Johnsons threw plates over my shoulder in time with a vocal recording he'd just made when I was texting in a blog entry, smashing them over the mic. Meanwhile, Nick Knight and Hussein Chalayan made a fashion film in the background."
"Goodness, Penny-pet (that's how she talks), I hope that Mr Johnsons told you to close your eyes when the shards were flying!"
"He did, as a matter of fact. Very polite man".

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    20:45 26 Sep 2007
    ..hahhahaha !...that's really, really funny !!! tales like this....I'm sure it will never be forgotten !!...the first plate made me jump from the chair by the way ! ! ........:):)