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17:00 - 18:15 on June 22 2018 BST

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Hopkins' LiveStudio: Hour 13

In this candid edition of LiveStudio we've heard about the life, learning and loves of Seattle-born jewellery designer Kyle Hopkins as him and his team spend two days in our central London studio creating an exclusive death mask for our current exhibition 'Death'.

In the last hour the boys have been joined by make-up artist Matilda Lansdown who comes to help put the finishing touches to this very special piece. At lunch we heard from the guys who discussed their beginnings in their field and working on an international stage.

'I got a minor in sculpture at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I would definitely like to work in different disciplines and transcend jewellery but I really care about wearability. A sculpture isn't going to come with you,' explains Hopkins.

Of his decision to come to London to further his studies, Hopkins recalls his parent’s reaction. ‘They didn't think I was going to do through with it. But then I did. And they have been nothing but supportive. My mother is one of the strongest, giving women. Maybe even the most strong and giving woman I have ever met. I am pretty damn sure that no one will ever love me like she does. I love you mum. 

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