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Hopkins's LiveStudio: hour three

Whilst Kyle Hopkins' work on his dynamic piece for SHOWstudio progresses, Shop Director Carrie Scott has been putting your questions to the designer, quizzing him on everything from his earliest inspirations and to his future ambitions.

'I don't really see a point in fearing death', the designer says during our Q&A. 'It's the most democratic thing. We all have to do it. There's an uncertainty. But it shouldn't be feared.' Death has been a major theme in much of Hopkins' jewellery and serves as his key inspiration today, as he works on an exclusive mask to coincide with our Death exhibition.

Make sure to join the conversation live now and put your questions and queries to this unique, thought provoking designer.

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  1. Dmitriy
    01:41 21 Oct 2012
    A simple and intellginet point, well made. Thanks!