by Alexander Fury .

Hot Couture - welding together the latest Katrantzou creation

It may seem odd for Rob's blacksmith-style techniques to be used in the construction of clothing, but in actual fact it has a number of historical antecedents. The nineteenth-century crinoline (albeit named after the French word for horsehair, 'crin') was constructed as a cage, often from sprung watch-steel, as was the bustle of the 1870s, originally based on a cushion but quickly adapted into a metal lattice to achieve the exaggerated silhouette. Those may seem like arcane items of costume, but there are contemporary counterparts - Vivienne Westwood's A/W 1994 On Liberty collection showcased an exaggerated posterior, created by cage-like hemispheres of wire fastened to a girdle. The globes were created by the father of Andreas Kronthaler, Westwood's husband, forged in the Tyrol and inspired by the metal lattices used to secure flowers on graves. Not too different to Katrantzou's own grand plans for a floral lampshade skirt, then. Keep watching today as the structure takes shape before your eyes.