by Alexander Fury .

House of Holland

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The hype was almost as frenzied as the scrum for the door at Henry Holland's first runway show away from Fashion East, and in typical Holland style it was riotous over-the-top fun. A blast of bagpipes opened a collection dedicated to Bonnie Scotland - and I'm sure Holland's vision of her homeland brought a tear to dear Penny's eye (perhaps she should have sported the rather fetching plaid eyepatch as opposed to Agyness?). This was Edinburgh on Ecstasy, a thumped-up super-Scotland with lashings of tartan, exaggerated tam-o-shanters and more sporrans than you could shake a haggis at. Amongst the highland fling thing, intricately pleated kilt-trenches, leather buckle details and a clever way with printed velour showed that House of Holland had managed to mature without losing the fun. At the finale, Ms Deyn emerged as a Brigadoon Bride in tiered kilt-dress and Holland-clan tartan antlers: HOH's new crest states 'PASSIO FACTIONIS,' and there are few with such a passion for fashion as Mr Holland.