by Ben Knight Evans .

House Of Organza presents MUSE

SHOWstudio officially got the Thursday night blues yesterday evening attending 'Muse', the latest installation from stylist Kim Howells and designer Lyall Hakaraia's creative collective, House Of Organza. Themed around the works of Yves Klein, several designers including our inaugural Les Smokings créateur Craig Lawrence, fashion recyclist Dr. Noki, accessories wizard Fred Butler and milliner Piers Atkinson were given a metre of blank canvas from which to muster their own blue pieces, which also appeared worn by 'Mr. Roy' in a film by Daniel Sannwald. Lawrence's gloves in his signature knit and Noki's cocoon were particular hits, as were the blue drinks which ran the gamut from blueberry juice to WKD. Conspicuous in her absence was Smurfette, though this was assuredly compensated for by the attendance of Venus' own Danni Daniels in little more than a slick of Klein's finest for modesty preservation.

Ben Knight Evans