by Alexander Fury .

Husam El Odeh

Besides showcasing his talents at the Marios Schwab show on Tuesday - the silvered ponytails and articulated, attenuated sheaths across fingers were his painstaking work - Husam El Odeh also displays his jewellery pieces at the London Fashion Week exhibition tent. Unconventional is always the term for his work, which fuses jewellery into aggressive accessory - leather gloves are reworked with attached silver rings and bracelet, a visor becomes a razor-sharp silvered peak and sunglasses are rendered with dark Swarovski crystal lenses or entirely in silver. Slightly sinister but wonderfully covetable nonetheless.


  1. KuriKuri
    15:16 17 Feb 2008
    Please check accessories of Marios Schwab for Top Shop by Husam El Odeh.
    The hair-band is awesome!!!
  2. alex.fury
    18:03 17 Feb 2008
    the hairband is amazing - I've already bought the cigarette-case, and I think I may go for those solid silver sunglasses too.