by Christabel Stewart .

I Do!

The culmination of Michael Clark's residency at the Barbican was unveiled last night with the three part 'Stravinsky Project' performed in full. The first two acts have been performed before over the two years, but have been developed and modified for this finale. Each act gives further breadth and understanding to Clark's modus operandi, and in particular his juxtaposition of classical and modernist ideals. Part one, O is set to the Stravinski's Apollo, Mmm… to The Rite of Spring, and I Do to Les Noces. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that has tickets for this week's run, but the image on the card of a Yves Saint Laurent wedding dress from 1965, in the shape of a knitted Russian Doll tickled me pink, and the stage reference is even better...


  1. queenoftarts
    18:05 1 Nov 2007
    i'm hoping/praying he hits us up in america with the stravinksy project but i'm sooooo jealous...any possibility that this project will be further documented on the site???
  2. ChristabelStewart
    16:01 5 Nov 2007
    I'm not sure if he will come stateside, as this was the culmination of a specific residency at London's Barbican, but you can download a video-clip of on part of the performance from the Barbican site itself. I wish I could promise more documentation, but there are quite strict rules when it comes to these kind of performers and institutions. No bootlegging allowed!