by Rei Nadal .

I once had a good day.

I once had a good day
my thoughts were clear
and nothing hurt.


  1. Luka1
    01:25 18 Aug 2013
    Is there going to be a book of your drawings @Reinadal ?
    Because there should be.
  2. Erica
    02:26 18 Aug 2013
    I would love to see more of Rei's drawings.
  3. sophie
    19:30 18 Aug 2013
    I have have been keeping my eyes on your work on this site for the last six months.
    Your sketches are the most beautiful I have seen.
    I always follow you on Instagram and you are just the freshest talent.
    Ask SHOWSTUDIO to give you a whole feature to illustrate.
    Ask them to get you to illustrate the fashion shows again, you were the best!

  4. rei.nadal
    20:33 18 Aug 2013
    SHOWstudio and I have been speaking about making a new series of illustrations, so we will definitely work together again! Thank you all for your kind words, you don't know how much they mean to me. Thank you. xx
  5. michelangelo
    21:47 19 Aug 2013
    only illustrator with modern attitude out there.
  6. Meh
    22:50 21 Aug 2013
    What's this even illustrating ?? Looks like the sort of thing I scrawled in my diary when I was an emo teenager. Dull.

    Not saying you don't have talent, but this isn't very good. Bit pretensious.