by Neal Bryant .

Ice Angel
SHOWstudio Tech Update

“Ice Angel” is an interactive piece by Dominic Harris and Cinimod Studio that allows users to be depicted in angelic form. The piece that was inspired by how children produce snow angels allows the user to become both the performer and the portrait subject of the piece. Similarly to Daniel Brown's set of interactive pieces currently installed in Le Printemps, as part of Visions Couture, the piece relies on the movement of the user. In this instance, however, as the user moves their arms a wing shape appears on the screen behind them, mimicking the users movements. Each set of wings are created dynamically and are linked to the individual participant, playing with the idea that the artwork is revealing the participants 'inner angel'. The piece also 'remembers' the individual and their angel wings will remain theirs in any future interactions.

The simplicity and playfulness of the piece make it wonderfully effective and the artist has taken every care to make sure that the experience remains simple and enjoyable, for example choosing to mount the camera overhead instead of front facing (which would have been much easier to implement) so that the angels remain the uninterrupted focal point.

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  1. Laticia
    11:19 10 Apr 2013
    It's a joy to find soemnoe who can think like that