by Penny Martin .

Iguatemi filmefashion

This was snapped at the opening of the Iguatemi FilmeFashion festival in Sao Paulo last night; the schedule can be accessed via this fun interactive, which the keen eyed among you will recognise contains images from some key projects by SHOWstudio and some of the filmmakers and photographers featured (including Bruce Weber and an interesting programme of Brazilian Films, not to mention the touring You Wear It Well film festival).

I'm not presenting until Monday night (at a great space at the top of the Iguatemi Complex, where they have created an intimate raked auditorium especially), but they've sprung a discussion panel on 'Collaborative Journalism' with the redoubtable Diane Pernet and the festival's curator Alexandra Farah tomorrow at 17:30, so there's no time for sightseeing quite yet!


  1. vjlens
    10:55 25 Aug 2007
    Hello there! I am János Visnyovszky. I have question. Is this festival for fashion films/videos, or many kind of films, animations they icluding fashion? (maybe it is a stupid question).
    Are there DVD-s from this kind of festivals, and where can I see the videos?
    Thank you!
    János :)
  2. PennyMartin
    22:28 26 Aug 2007
    Janos, this is for fashion films in particular - I think animation comes under that category, though, as they screened Fashionation today. Why do you ask?
  3. vjlens
    14:06 27 Aug 2007
    Szia Penny! ("Szia" means "Hello" in hungarian language). Well, I asked beceause I am making olso fashion videos and fashion show visuals (VJ-sets, scenarys).This Festival is unique, a great event! There are many festivals, they presenting films and animations, but they do not focusing really on a thing like fashion. Even in Hungary, we have great film events and we have Fashion Awards, but the film/video in the Fashion area dont have really culture and attention!
    So I am more than happy about this sprezial Fashion Film Fest.!
    I am new on the SHOW STUDIO forum and blog! It is a great place!!! And you are the first person with an contact to me. Nice to meet you Penny! If you have some other great infos about events like this, can you please share to me?(I take contact with YOU Wear It
    PS.: I saw your favorites: the SOUND OF CLOTHES, and the TRANSFORMER with Mcqeen is great and advanced! My favorite is Mcqeen's 2006 autumn/winter fashinshow with the holographic video from Baillie Walsh with Kate Moss!
  4. brasscupcake
    15:32 28 Aug 2007
    Penny, your presentation last night was wicked. Congratulations. All the best, Diane
  5. GalileosUniverse
    18:00 28 Aug 2007
    ....cannot wait to wacth it !......sounds thought-provoking and very...very...exciting !