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'Immaculate Conception' by Leisa Barnett

[blockquote]The female fashion body is immaculate. It was neither born, nor does it give birth. It is perfect in its otherness; it is supernatural.[/blockquote]
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Sex undeniably sells - not least in the fashion industry - but you seldom if ever see the consequences. In the latest, thought-provoking addition to our Fashion Body essay series, journalist Leisa Barnett tackles this eternal paradox of the fashion body head-on - a body that exudes sex appeal, but is stripped of fertility, or at least its voluptuous external signifiers.


  1. someonegreat
    15:43 24 Aug 2010
    Far and away my favorite essay in this series. Poignant, affecting and deeply personal. In short, brilliant.
  2. ZoeHitchen
    21:45 27 Aug 2010
    I couldn't agree with you more.