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‘Immersion’ by Txell Miras

Our first Future Tense film of the day sets a somewhat dark tone typical of the designer Txell Miras. Indeed, Citing the work of Kafkha, Tarkovsky and Bergman as influence upon her designs, Miras’ offering was never going to be anything approaching standard catwalk footage. Her film offers a life cycle in 16mm, a monochromatic, moody and somewhat morbid rumination where the clothes are, paradoxically, the last thing you notice…

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    08:13 11 Sep 2008
    PIC> photo/03cU0Cf9JYeL7
    I'm still fascinated by JvD's answer to PM's observation: ..... 'GATEKEEPERS '
    A delight to read her approach to FASHION ... perhaps we are somehow ready for a change to challenge ' The Age of Faked Glamour and the Photoshopped Ideal of ' Beauty ' ' as promoted by the grand ' connoisseurs ' of people's insecurities.
    Quick in thought and not afraid to be ' vulnerable ' in the presence of the well known monster called 'FASHION' her thinking is really refreshing !
    " The ostentation and femme fatal are usually designed by men " - Txell Miras.