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In Fashion, Joseph Altuzarra now LIVE!

Joseph Altuzarra is in the building! Tune in to our Live Studio page to catch our live broadcast of Fashion Director Alex Fury’s interview with the CFDA nominee.


  1. GOnonDor
    14:05 4 Aug 2010
    I'm not sure whats happening but the live footage is not on the Live studio page. His name isn't even there. I'm gonna wait a bit to see if it pops up.
  2. la
    14:29 4 Aug 2010
    I am so pleased you have Joseph Alturarra in your In Fashion interview series as I am such a huge fan of his designs, but what a gorgeous man he is, and what a lovely voice.....
    Another great interview SHOWstudio!
  3. alex.fury
    17:33 4 Aug 2010
    Hello la,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the interview - and we're very happy to have bagged Joseph during his visit here in London! There will be more from him when I visit his press day at Liberty of London tomorrow afternoon...
  4. alex.fury
    19:08 4 Aug 2010
    Hi GOnonDor,
    Sorry - the interview had finished by the time you posted this message. But we'll be re-streaming the unedited interview footage tomorrow from 18:00 BST