by Alexander Fury .

In Fashion, Ruth Hogben: Live stream is now over

The live stream of SHOWstudio Fashion Director Alexander Fury's interview with filmmaker Ruth Hogben is now over. However, be sure to check back with our blog for when the edited footage is launched as the next installment in our In Fashion series later this month.


  1. LyllietheBunny
    09:42 20 Feb 2011
    Hej Alex,
    I found the set of interviews facinating, interresting too but the way you have filmed by exemple Anna dello Russo is tasty, the black & white like the stills from H.Newton by exemple, I was watching with my friends Charrlote dela Salle from the LyllietheBunny ConceptArtDealer, a group we formed to enhance new local artists new on the scene, Charrlote nearly fell off her chair as she was so excited by your work and by Anna dello Russo, the way she talks is so sweet as it is clear and expressiv, great questions from you bring lots from her, with a most beautiful and interresting manner you filmed Anna.
    I find the concept you have created is really good, handsome piece of Art, as it also clear informations from your gusets. I am subdue ( I gladly admitt)still.
    So Charrlote dela Salle and me Lyllie theBunny would like to thank you for those beautiful interviews and films.
    best regards, Lyllie.
  2. LyllietheBunny
    10:14 20 Feb 2011
    Ps > I would like to apologised to Ruth Hogben, I forgot to mention her as Ruth is the creator of those beautiful images/films. Ruth really created an atmosphere that really made me not to want to miss a single images/ expression from Anna dello Russo. Really great. I do hope I will be forgiven, the film because of her beautiful concept of placing the interviewee in such creativ ways subjugated me (and Charrlote dela SAlle).
    And I know a detail but Ruth Hogben is very good looking, I discovered with quite a smile, a very handsome Mechanical Eyes in so feminine qualities.
    Best regards,
    Lyllie the Bunny (Zoe Lea Bohun-Behrens)