by Ingrid Hass .

In print!

For those of you who watched Nick's live shoot on Monday and Tuesday with Miss Naomi Campbell you may like to know that the final results will appear in print in the Summer edition of V Magazine: on sale 15 May 2007.


  1. Lie
    16:15 1 Feb 2007
    cant wait to see how this will look. it will be good to compare how a filmed fashion shoot will transfer to print. will it still hold the excitment that was conveyed through the medium of film? Or the fact that we have had behind the sceen insight already, make the images more intense and exciting? As we have been observing the creative process from start to finish.
  2. KaWai
    18:18 1 Feb 2007
    That's very powerful.
  3. JoshBaker
    21:14 1 Feb 2007
    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up Ingrid.
  4. ianmcc
    21:57 2 Feb 2007
    I am sure this is just a cell phone snap of one of the polariods. At least I HOPE it is...
  5. nickknight
    11:27 3 Feb 2007
    You are quite right,ianmcc,it is indeed just a snap of a polaroid,to get a glimpse of the dierection without giving away the images ,which will be in V and on SHOWstudio very soon.
    In truth it was an immediate response to a request from V magazine to have 'something ' to send out to Womens Wear Daily for press on this project.
  6. la
    23:15 4 Feb 2007
    look forward to seeing the end project ,V magazine is a great format.
  7. joanneK
    18:24 7 Feb 2007
    I kinda like the fact it's a bit bluey and faded.