by Niamh White .

In Your Face I See Myself: Final performance today
by Harold Offeh and Eloise Calandre

Our third and final performance from Harold Offeh and Eloise Calandre commences at 5pm today. Offeh will expand his series of video works 'Covers'- two of which are currently on show as part of our exhibition In Your Face.

In 'Covers' Offeh re creates iconic album covers by staging them as durational performances, and casting himself as the main subject. Previous pieces in the series have seen Offeh as Grace Jones on Island Life, The Ohio Players, Honey and Funkadelic's Maggot Brain, and now he will add to the series with his appropriation of the cover of the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street.

This cover featured '3ball Charlie', a freakshow performer who worked the sideshows of carnivals. Charlie would stuff a tennis ball, a golf ball and a billiard ball in his mouth whilst whistling a tune, juggling and balancing on top of several other balls. Offeh will re stage the cover in his performance at 5pm today but in a comical twist, replaces the balls with gobstoppers.

By using the primary mediums of popular culture- photography and video, Offeh and Calandre unravel complex ideas of race, identity and desire. Tune in to SHOWstudio at 5pm today to see this iconic image re made.


  1. huangwentian
    10:49 4 Feb 2012
    - -太可恶了
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    23:03 17 Feb 2012
    Little Gretel is mine now! She is eiatng my gingerbread home! :DThank you for the best birthday gift!Bear hugs,Eloise xxxx