by Niamh White .

In Your Face: Interview with Vito Acconci now live

SHOWstudio debuts a brand new interview for our In Your Face series with internationally renowned contemporary artist Vito Acconci. Famous for visceral pieces including his controversial work Seedbed, in which Acconci masturbated under a ramp in New York's Sonnabend Gallery - the visitors exciting his autoerotic fantasies, Acconci has received wide-spread acclaim for his ability to transform the viewer into a participant in his work. He has worked across various mediums, from live performance in the sixties and seventies to film, video and architecture in his more recent works. He was interviewed by journalist Nicolas Niarchos in New York, the city where he was born. This is a candid and considered discussion of everything from Acconci's early career as a poet to the intentions and inspirations behind his most famous works and his general approach on art. Watch the interview in full here.