by Niamh White .

In Your Face Opening
1st December- 4 February

If not currently in Miami, we think we gave the art world a reason to make their way down to our Bruton Place headquarters last night.  Opening our doors to unveil our latest exhibition, In Your Face, we brought together important works by Marina Abramovic, Douglas Gordon, Santiago Sierra and Raymond Pettibon alongside exciting emerging artists such as Tim Shaw and Stephen Doherty, the show explores portraiture at its most confrontational.

Last night, guests manoeuvred around littlewhitehead's 'Any Last Thoughts' - an alarming life size sculpture of a man tied to a chair with a hood over his face to then be confronted by two statuesque real-life models wearing Debra Baxter's 'I'm going to realign your chakras mother*******) and Shaun Leane's silver mouth piece created for Alexander McQueen's Autumn/Winter 2000 collection 'Eshu'.

Re engaging with the salon hang, there are a multitude of works on view. A rare still from Luis Bunuel's iconic collaboration with Salvador Dali 'Un Chien Andalou' hangs alongside Polly Morgan's 'Dead Heads', Lucy and Bart's 'Hook and Eyes' and Nancy Burson's composite faces 'Warhead', 'Androgyny', and 'Mankind'. There are works from Franko B including photographic documentation of his early performance work in the Tate's Turbine Hall as well as a later series 'I Still Love'.  Downstairs in our black room, Marina Abramovic's arresting video 'AAA-AAA' sees Marina and her then lover Ulay  screaming into each other's mouths for 9 minutes. 

The exhibition is on view until 4th February 2012 at 1-9 Bruton Place and is well worth a visit.