by Neal Bryant .

Interactive Shop-able Music Video
SHOWstudio Tech Update

Over the last decade companies have been looking at interesting methods of linking exciting content (imagery, videos etc) to products with a view of making a more enticing method of shopping for consumers. This is something that has become popular within the fashion industry with an increased desire to see clothes moving and the ability to buy instantly.

Burberry's attempts at selling directly from the catwalk during a livestream of the show received mixed reviews and interactive videos, that allow the customer buy outfits as they see the latest models move in the items, have also received the same scrutiny. This is stil something that is being experimented with and may be a while before the idea is refined properly, but its something that music videos have now also attempted.

The video for "I Think She Ready" featuring FKi, Iggy Azalea and Diplo, the producer of Express Yourself, includes the ability to shop the looks that the artists are wearing. Selecting the floating S's on the different outfits takes you through to where you are able to buy the items. The video has potential to become relatively popular due to the artists involved, but whether or not the interaction is enough to convince people to shop is yet to be seen.