by Marie Schuller .

International Europeana Fashion Conference comes to an end

Today is the last day of the International Europeana Fashion Conference! It's also the date of a panel discussion analysing new media in fashion, which SHOWstudio was invited to be part of. 

The panel raised interesting conclusions about new forms of communicating fashion after the digital revolution and fashion film being the main new emerging format that was given a platform following the invention of the internet. The panel discussion, which also included another very important fashion film supporter, Diane Pernet from ASVOFF, was followed by a presentation by Agnes Rocamora from the London College of Fashion, looking at the changing face of fashion in relation to the internet, as well as the advantages and opportunities of studying digital fashion. 

Set in sunny Florence within an ancient refectory filled with stunning frescos, today's and yesterday's conference encouraged an analytical discussion of digital fashion and acknowledged the growing strengths of fashion film as a means to communicate fashion.