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Iphigenia Gras’ Tumblr takeover ends June 7

This month Iphigenia Gras joins the ranks of guest curators who have taken over SHOWstudio’s Tumblr. We're now midway through her week in the spotlight, which will end on 7 June. The last few days have seen her move through a series of insightful perspectives on what it is to be a woman. Gras’ often tender notions are tempered with fierce disavowal’s of common misconceptions of feminism. Her choice of imagery follows a theme of explicit sexuality, bondage and females in various stances of power. She strongly advocates, ‘maintaining dignity and confidence’ at all times but also encourages visitors to broaden their minds to what being a female and a feminist can mean.

The guest curation times with the urgent #YesAllWomen campaign. Head to Tumblr this week - 1 to 7 June 14 - to see more!