by Lou Stoppard .

Iron Girls at Matches!

Helena Christensen

Dree Hemingway

CEOs of MATCHESFASHION.COM, Tom & Ruth Chapman, Helena Christensen and founder of Rika, Ulrika Lundgren

Here at SHOWstudio we love celebrating strong, creative women. Our Selling Sex exhibition from 2012 took issue with the continued gender imbalance in the arts. Made up exclusively of female artists, who each looked at sex and nudity, the exhibition examined a woman's version of a woman and asked how it differs from a man’s. Is an image of a nude woman empowered in the hand of a female artist? Does it resist traditionally constructed gender roles? Does it mock a voyeuristic male gaze? Similarly, our Fashion Fetish film and essay series unpicked the contentious and provocative fusion of fashion with fetish and displayed work from female contributors including Ruth Hogben, Daphne Guinness, Liberty Ross, Aimee Mullins, Asia Argento and Dasha Zhukova.

So we were thrilled to see MATCHESFASHION.COM and Rika magazine explore similar, and important, themes with a new exhibition of beautiful portraits, which were unveiled at a party last night hosted by MATCHESFASHION.COM founder Ruth Chapman. The Iron Girl series features 28 portraits of strong, creative women including Josephine de la Baume, Dree Hemingway, Julianne Moore, Mimi Xu and Julija Step. All the portraits were shot by two other fearless fashion females, Helena Christensen and Jen Carey.

You can check out all the portraits over on MATCHESFASHION.COM now, or by snapping up issue 9 of Rika, which will be available in September. Additionally, to celebrate the launch of the project, MATCHESFASHION.COM has also released an exclusive Iron Girl sweater, which is now available onsite!