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Irving Penn (16 June 1917 - 7 October 2009)

Irving Penn, one of the most celebrated and influential photographers of the twentieth century, passed away yesterday morning aged 92 at his home in Manhattan. Most famous for his fashion photographs and portraits of prominent cultural figures, Penn's prolific body of work also included studies of ordinary people, still lives and nudes. A pre-scheduled exhibition of Penn's photographs will open at The National Portrait Gallery in London on 18 February 2010 (until 31 May 2010) and will the first UK show of his work in twenty years.


  1. JuanPabloNathe
    19:30 8 Oct 2009
    las modas pasan, los artistas quedan! thanks IRVIN
  2. RichardWright
    23:02 8 Oct 2009
    The King is dead!! After a couple of years of losing some of the truly Greats of photography, Avedon, Newton, Carlos the Master has finally gone. Very sad to just find out by logging in here, no major news coverage yet for an Artist who inspired a generation, or two, or three, of photographers, including of course Nick. Classic simplicity isn't easy, in fact its very difficult, but Mr Penn gave us countless classic simple beautiful images to inspire, teach and guide us. Im upset...
  3. AG
    00:28 9 Oct 2009
    The critic Richard Woodward, writing in 1990, argued that Mr. Penn would be best remembered for the work he did for museum walls. “The steely unity of Irving Penn’s career, the severity and constructed rigor of his work can best be appreciated when he seems to break away from the dictates of fashion for magazines,” he wrote. “Only then is it clear how everything he photographs — or, at least, prints — is the product of a remarkably undivided conscience. There are no breaks; only different subjects.
    — Andy Grundberg- New York Times