by Marie Schuller .

ITS Accessories and Jewelry finalists

Also on exhibit were pieces by the accessories and jewelry finalists, who in the past included SHOWstudio contributors such as Una Burke and Kat Marks.

This year we were pleased to see another SHOWstudio name making it into the prestigious top 10 of their chosen fields. LCF MA Fashion Artefact graduate Annelie Gross' pieces caught our eye during the 'SHOWcabinet: Prosthetics' exhibition and were masterfully turned into a fashion film by Jon Emmony

Part of the accesories jury this year was another familiar face, Ana Rajcevic, who won last year's ITS competition and was also featured in the prosthetics exhibition, as well as being a fixed feature in the SHOWstudio SHOP

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  1. Andrew Neil L. Cervantes
    08:32 18 Sep 2013
    The designs are fabulous and arrogant..simple but beautiful.