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Ivania Carpio's gradient Tumblr curation is complete!
The blogger was aided by stylist Agata Belcen

Ivania Carpio and Agata Belcen have finished their takeover of the SHOWstudio Tumblr. In a joint collaboration, the Love Aesthetics blogger and AnOther magazine fashion editor created a monochrome transformation of the page over the course of seven days.

Minimalist fashion by the likes of J.W. Anderson and Eudon Choi was used alongside Carpio's DIY tutorials and GIFs, coinciding with daily changing colour themes, which included shades like asphalt and glacier. Together the team achieved a stylishly slick gradient effect of the page from black through charcoal to pristine white.

Head on over to the SHOWstudio Tumblr to see the stunning end result!