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J. W. Anderson sketches now on sale at SHOWstudio Shop!

In the run up to London Fashion Week we invited one of the city's finest emerging talents J.W.Anderson to preview his S/S13 collection here on SHOWstudio. Giving us unprecedented access to his designs, Anderson came to our Bruton Place headquarters and sketched his much anticipated womenswear line before it hit the catwalk. Each sketch explores the forms, colours and emotions caught up in his pieces and you can see him in action in a beautifully edited film exclusive to SHOWstudio.

We're delighted to announce that these one of a kind sketches are now available to buy at SHOWstudio Shop and that 70% of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Young Minds, a charity chosen by the designer. At only £100 these unique works are sure to go fast, so get yours now.

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  1. Satya
    15:05 1 Sep 2013
    I really liked that ComicBookDude guy! It was a blast metenig and talking with you guys and being on the show for a little bit!I finished reading X-Men: Season One. It was good, but the ending was a bit anti-climactic and some of the story was stuff I've already seen in other X-Men comics. The art was absolutely worth buying the OGN for. I don't know if it's worth $25, but it was worth what I paid for it ($10). So if you can get it half-off or part of a sale I say yay.Some other cool stuff I got was Vic Boone. I got the first two issues, but have only read the first one so far. I really, really like it. I also got issues of Wolverine and the X-Men for a buck a pop each! Got some issues of Avengers Academy which were great! Love the writing in the series. My only issue is I wish there was a slightly better artist attached to that comic. Got the last issue of R.E.B.E.L.S. that I needed and most of the issues of Thor: The Mighty Avenger! I also got Green Arrow: Year One which is absolutely AMAZING! I was so impressed by it. I got the first issue of PunisherMAX which was a great read. Also got some issues of Ultimate Comics X-Men (the ones by Nick Spencer). This series makes me want to scream because their are things to praise and things to hate. It is so inconsistent with it's quality. *sigh*I'm going to have to spend a convention looking at all the indie stuff out there. It would be something new for me to do. I'll have to check out Arsenic Lullaby and that Calvin and Hobbes in the future comic. And Funrama. See, every time I think of Ryan Kelly and this page of original art I wanted to buy from him that was from New York Five#3 that absolutely gorgeous. He told me that it would cost $75 and that broke my heart because I didn't have that much money. Oh well. He was a cool guy and a great artist.I'm glad you guys had a lot of fun at the convention! I'm hoping to see you guys at future cons!