by Iain R. Webb .

J'aime Jean Paul Gaultier

This week I've been hanging out in my local library monopolising the photo copier machine (again!), armed with scissors and glue stick, pasting together a special limited edition fanzine that will accompany an informal talk I'll be giving at the Barbican next week celebrating the marvellous Monsieur Jean Paul Gaultier. The fanzine will include this picture I styled inspired by JPG's Autumn/Winter 1987 Rock Stars collection. It was photographed by Pete Moss at the old Town and Country Club in Kentish Town and features models Jean Luc and Andre Van Noord. It originally appeared in BLITZ magazine, June 1987. J'adore...

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  1. petemoss
    16:37 8 Aug 2014
    oh that was eons ago , way ahead of the curve , superb choice !!