by Hywel Davies .

Japanese - Danish combo

At Pitti Uomo most of the exhibitors' areas are saturated with their corporate style branding to commuincate their values. It was therefore a welcome relief to see the promotional illustrations for footwear brand Kawasaki. The Danish company with a Japanesse name used large style drawings that broke away from the standard methods currently used for communication. Perhaps this is a way forward for Pitti to encourge the brands involved to think outside the exhibtion box and create a more dynamic experiece for all involved.


  1. smitasinghrathore
    07:54 25 Jun 2007
    really interesting once simple, childlike and very emotive...its the kind of communication that pulls you instinctively...good work Kawasaki!
  2. GalileosUniverse
    22:17 24 Jul 2007