by Penny Martin .

Jean Paul Gaultier: channeling Jack Sparrow!

'You see he loves a tricorn and a wide-legged pant' sighed one wit as we left Jean Paul Gaultier's show. Add to that, filligree leather breeches, camo bustiers, pearly king shirts, bosoms bursting out of buckled belts-as-bras and women smoking pipes, then you have the wild and varied picture of the French designer's 'Pirates of the Carribean'-alike collection. It turned out that the pipes were no mere styling detail. In one year's time, it will be unlawful to smoke in any enclosed area in Paris. The ban is anathema to the locals and to drive home the point, Gaultier sent out a final sequence of 15 brides, all immaculately dressed in myriad permutations of wedding garb, all puffing away like chimneys. You should have heard the American press coughing, pointedly!