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'Jenny Haniver' by Camille Vivier

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Centred around childlike - even doll-like - imagery and innocence suffused with colour, Camille Vivier's Political Fashion film is indeed a feast for the eyes. But with its title referencing the practice of carving dead cuttlefish into angels and devils, 'Jenny Haniver' hints at something darker beneath the surface.


  1. Landon
    17:42 30 Apr 2008
    The films that are abstract, vague and open to interpretation are really hard to comment on in a political context. Probably why there are no comments for this or the last one.
    Or is that just a cop out?
  2. saint
    21:51 1 May 2008
    I agree with Landon , I was drawn into this film and it is beautiful but I would love Camille Vivier to explain it and why to her it is political.
    Come to that can anybody else see if I have missed the point.
  3. GalileosUniverse
    07:35 2 May 2008
    Ironic ... the last day of the month ... the last Political Fashion film ... and then one word: anticlimax ! Is it something about .... 'A Lost Mermaid' ?
    Nevertheless ... absolutely beautiful , perhaps and who knows just the way fashion should be in the end : all and just all about beauty ? ...
    The mystery in any case will certainly never be solved ... that we can be sure of ...... :):)