by Andrew Gow .

John Galliano Film Exclusive

In this exclusive film for SHOWstudio, John Galliano lets us in on how he really makes his fashions. With Morgane Dubled starring as la merveilleuse ingénue and Monsieur Galliano as the eponymous mauvais garcon, witness the creative process of the atelier in all its histrionic glory before the showing of his A/W ’07 collection. Doctored with cigarette burns and jaundiced film reel for a straight-from-the-archive-shelf charm, this self-effacing film re-enacts the common mythologies that enshroud the figure of the fashion designer: as a fastidious creator of clothing and fantasy. Toying with many of these received ideas, the film is made in the parodic style that M. Galliano does better than anyone else.


  1. st.valentine
    01:06 31 Mar 2007
    what a delightful film! thanks. they should show it to design students before they graduate, inculcate a bit of irony...
    ps. why doesn't anyone ever comment these things
  2. Turbo
    18:18 1 Apr 2007
    Always a pleasure to see Mr.Galliano at work. Manages to be funny yet totally classy! Thanks for sharing!
  3. JesusKrisT
    23:58 1 Apr 2007
    As much as he is considered a legend i find this movie dull mundane and very cliché, i love his work but hate his street fashions plastered in his own self obsessed imagery.
    I got nothing from this so called movie, the image he builds for himself sickens me, as he sometimes seems worship himself more than he does his designs and makes out like he is the collection when it doesn't work like that! For me anyway!
    Dont get me wrong i love his work but i was hoping this movie would actually be inspiring when infact it was all about johnny johnny johnny yet again and not about his mind or process of design or work nor were he gets inspiration from, but it was more so about about the way he likes to been seen and act and pose that about his work!
    Big thumb down from me!
  4. dnse
    12:12 3 Apr 2007
    Jesus, you've seen a different movie ;)
  5. la
    15:16 3 Apr 2007
    my feeling is that considering the amazing workload John has with almost a collection a month to create (Couture,RTW,Pre-coll,Cruise line for Dior,RTW,Mens Gallinao )not counting Fragrences,cosmetics and I'm sure countless award ceremonies,pesonal fittings for actresses and endless endless meetings,the pressure must be staggering on him as a person! I am really not surprised he invents a fantasy persona to be him in public,it must be the only way of protecting some small part of him from being completly eaten up by the relentless demands on him.
    I wonder what you do in your life Jesus KrisT?
  6. GalileosUniverse
    09:16 4 Apr 2007
    People may disagree of course but I do not think that the film had any pretence of being a gem in filmmaking but simply for pure fun as I perceive it....and ‘la’ has a is there just to let the steam out in order to keep some sanity .....there is no harm in that and it shouldn’t deter us either from having a laugh as he does ...totally anodyne...
  7. lilyachatz
    19:44 5 Apr 2007
    the real beauty here is He. how lucky you are Andrew and a sincere thank you.