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Join us at 11:00 BST when our 'Splash!' live broadcast continues

Tune in at 11:00 BST today when our Splash! live broadcast resumes. Day three of our latest LiveStudio sees the wonderful Iris van Herpen continuing to work on her Crystallization dress. She is joined by artists Geoffrey Lillemon and Salvador Breed who have been tasked with making a film and soundscape to accompany the dress.

Capturing the creative process on camera, Splash! offers viewers a unique opportunity to witness a designer at work. What's more you can also pose your questions to the talented trio on our project page. Niamh White, our Shop associate director and the curator of Splash!, will put a handful of selected questions to them live on air at 11:00 BST today.

Yesterday van Herpen was asked if she fears people will copy her designs, particularly as she is revealing her working method and the materials she uses. In the spirit of SHOWstudio, van Herpen replied, 'it's nice to show people how I work, it gives people some insight into what I do. Creating my work is all about the process, it's not only about the end result. It will be difficult to show all the processes. I feel it's nice to share. Copying will always be there, but I'm not going to worry about it.'

Hear more from van Herpen herself at 15:00 BST when she will participate in an in-depth In Fashion interview with our fashion editor Lou Stoppard.